about watertown

Watertown is the regional retail center for northeast South Dakota and western Minnesota with a retail trade area of more than 100 miles in any direction and a customer draw of 100,000+.  It also draws 75,000+ for healthcare services. 

The Redlin Art Center (pictured top) is home to works made famous by artist Terry Redlin and is located nearby drawing over 150,000 visitors annually.  Watertown is also home to Bramble Park Zoo, Dakota Sioux Casino, Lake Area Technical Institute-voted 1 of the top 5 two-year colleges in the nation, and award-winning artist Josh Spies. Watertown is the gateway to the Glacial Lakes Region known widely for its fantastic hunting and fishing and is located on the primary route between the Twin Cities and the Missouri River.

Redlin Art Center
Bramble Park Zoo
  • Redlin Center has an annual visitor count of 150,000
  • Customer draw of 100,000
  • Watertown serves 75,000 for medical care annually
  • 100 mile radius trade area
  • Over 700 businesses participating in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Over 750 motel rooms
  • Median resident age:  35.1
  • Average household income (2011):  1 mile: $68,246  3 mile: $51,906 
    5 mile: $56,901
  • Workforce of 47,500
  • MiSA population of 33,420 (includes City of Watertown, Codington Co. and Hamlin Co.)
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